Thursday, 31 July 2014

Terms and Links to Resources

MAKERSPACE- Makerspaces are community oriented physical places, where people with similar interests can meet to socialize, collaborate, share, and work on projects. They often include elements of machine shops, wood-working shops, and art studios where creative minds can get together to share resources, tools, and knowledge to build new things. Members usually embody aspect of the DIY ethic and the spaces and members together are part of the larger DIY Movement. Wikipedia's definition: "A makerspace or hackerspace (also referred to as a hacklab, fablab or creative space) is a location where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, or digital or electronic art (but also in many other realms) can meet, socialise and/or collaborate. Hackerspaces can be viewed as open community labs incorporating elements of machine shops, workshops and/or studios where hackers can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things.”
The term was originally coined by MAKE Magazine.

COWORKING-  A co-working space is essentially a shared workspace ideal for small businesses, freelancers and start ups looking to transition out of their isolated work environments such as offices and cafes into a creative workspace that will push their productivity to the next level.

HOT DESKING- Hot desking is is an office organization system which involves multiple workers using a single physical work station or surface (whether it be a desk, table, couch, etc.) during different time periods. The "desk" in the name refers to an office desk being shared by multiple office workers on different shifts as opposed to each staff member having their own personal desk. You get a chance to sit next to people from all kinds of disciplines, and learn about what they do by seeing them work. The term is thought to have been derived from the naval practice of "hot racking" where sailors on different shifts share the same bunk, and the new sailor will sleep in the warmth created by the previous one.

Relevant websites:

Makerspace Playbook
The official Makerspace school guide for those looking to create a Makerspace

MAKE Magazine
Kickstarting a Kids’ Makerspace


Maker Faire
All about the World Maker Faire, finding a Maker Faire near you, how to participate, and media coverage

Coworking Canada
The website for Coworking Collective, has lots of info on coworking spaces.

Jeff Sturges - Strengthening Communities with Makerspaces
1 hr long movie

Hackerspace Wiki
This is a comprehensive, user-maintained list of all active hackerspaces throughout the world.

Wellington Makerspace
Which machine do I need? (The rest of the website has lots of good stuff too)

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