Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Design your own connected device! With the cloudBit, the sky's the limit.


Little Bits Cloud Starter Bundle

Snap the internet to anything with the Cloud Starter Bundle from littleBits, featuring the new cloudBit.

The Cloud Starter Bundle includes:

  • 1 cloudBit, the brains of the operation
  • 1 servo, a controllable motor that can add motion
  • 1 sound trigger that activates when sound reaches a threshold you set
  • 1 long LED, a small light with a long tether
  • 1 button that's big, round and springy for comfortable pressing
  • 1 mounting board to keep your circuit intact and move it around with ease
  • 1 USB power adapter + cable to get the power flowing

The bundle includes everything you need to create your own connected devices, so you can:

  • Feed your pets from the other side of the world!
  • Get a text when someone rings your doorbell!
  • Automate your thermostat to save energy costs!
  • Start your coffee maker to wake up to your favorite roast!

The possibilities are endless, thanks to IFTTT support that integrates SMS messages, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, the Weather Channel, and much more. Power users can even code with the cloud API or the littleBits Arduino module for futher customization.

The Internet of Things is under your control, with no wiring, soldering, or programming required! Get your Cloud Starter Bundle today, and get started making.

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