Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bend, mold, and shape objects to fit your needs with smart materials.

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What makes these materials so smart? According to Fashioning Technology, they "are responsive and dynamic. [Some] have the ability to change color, shape, and size in response to their environments... these materials offer a range of possibilities for crafting objects with an autonomous, secret life of their own."

We've rounded up our favorites into a Smart Materials collection, including space-age plastic, air-cured rubber, and electro-luminescent wire and tape.

Squishy Circuits

Squishy Circuits are electronics you create from ingredients in your kitchen! Kit includes components + recipe card for conductive and insulating dough.

El Tape Starter Kit

El Tape is flexible enough to wrap around your finger and emits a safe, heatless glow. Available in 3-foot lengths in red, white, or blue.

El Wire Starter Pack

El Wire is similar to El Tape but has a rounded shape while El Tape is relatively flat. Available in lengths of 10 feet or 25 feet in various colors.


Sugru air-curing rubber feels like modelling clay, and it's just as easy to use. This stuff is amazing and completely addictive. You'll find a thousand uses for it!

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