Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Time to play! Make: magazine's new toy issue means tons of fun in the Maker Shed.

Make: Volume 41
the Toy Issue
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The latest issue of Make: is all about toys. A toy can delight, inspire, educate, and entertain. Volume 41 covers a broad selection of toys for tinkerers, from gadgets to gizmos. We've collected a few of our favorites into a special section on Maker Shed. Enjoy! 

Bare Conductive Glowing House

The Bare Conductive Glowing House is made with folded paper and non-toxic conductive ink. Each kit builds two houses.

Robotic Arm

The Robotic Arm Kit can grip, grab, rotate, and release. Use it to fill the candy jar, hack it with an Arduino, or take over the world!

Roominate Deluxe

Build and wire a miniature room with Roominate DeluxeYou can even wire up a working elevator and lamp. 

Kinetic Rhino

Rory the Rhino tranforms flat cardboard and a wire into a walking rhinoceros—no glue or tape required.

littleBits Kits

littleBits kits feature small 'bits.' Each is one component of a circuit, and they all connect magnetically. Hardware design is a snap with littleBits!

Marble Machine

The Marble Machine uses solar energy to move the gear wheel until a steel marble rolls swiftly down the spiral. Then the mesmerizing action starts again!

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