Thursday, 11 September 2014

Build your Make: Electronics workshop with these popular component packs.

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Make: Electronics
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Learning electronics should be easy, but finding supplies can be hard. After we published Make: Electronics, Charles Platt's best-selling introduction to electronics, we decided to help with supplies. Charles wrote an amazing book full of fun and interesting projects, but the parts were mostly things he had on hand from a lifetime as an electronics hobbyist. Some parts are easy to find, but a few are as elusive as Bigfoot.

We've spec'd two kits which cover most of the projects in the book, including all of the really hard-to-find items. Components Pack 1 covers the first two sections of the book, and Components Pack 2 covers sections three and four. Buy them individually, or get the Make: Electronics Complete Collection (including the book!) for a discount.

Components Pack 1

Components Pack 1 covers sections one and two.

Components Pack 2

Components Pack 2 covers sections three and four.

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