Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New in the Shed: Bare Conductive Touch Board

New in the Shed!
Bare Conductive
Touch Board
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The Touch Board from Bare Conductive is an Arduino-compatible microcontroller that lets you turn almost any surface into a sensor using conductive materials. Make a paper piano or paint a lightswitch on your wall.

Connect anything conductive to one of its 12 electrodes and trigger a sound via its onboard MP3 player, play a MIDI note or do anything else that you might do with an Arduino or Arduino-compatible device.

Electric Paint (available in 10ml pen or 50ml pot) offers an easy and fun way to connect to the Touch Board. Or play with conductive ink using Bare Conductive's card kits or electric house kit.

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50ml Electric Paint

Electric paint can be used as liquid wire to draw or print graphical circuits. This 50ml pot is a paintbrush-worthy supply.

10ml Electric Paint

Repair, design, or play with electronics using conductive ink. This 10ml paint pen offers a convenient and comfortable form.

Bare Conductive Card Kits

The card kits from Bare Conductive include three cards, an electric paint pen, and some electronic components. Create whimsical blinking cards that will make an impression.

Bare Conductive House Kit

Make two conductive houses that light up in the dark with the Bare Conductive House Kit.

Creepy Halloween project PDFs

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