Thursday, 23 October 2014

There's nothing quite like Circuit Stickers. See what they're all about in the Maker Shed.

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Circuit Stickers
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This crazy-cool activity kit is a Maker Shed favorite that drew crowds at Maker Faires in New York and California.

Here's why:

Circuit Stickers are an ingenious, creative and versatile way to learn beginner electronics.  With vibrant, reusable LED stickers, you can create a circuit with nearly any conductive material—from copper tape to pencil graphite to conductive thread.

The Circuit Stickers Starter Kit supplies LED stickers, copper tape, batteries, and a detailed guidebook that will walk you through making basic LED circuits and DIY paper switches.

You can also grab extra standard LEDs in white, or snatch up some cool effects LEDs that fade, blink, or twinkle!

Ready to hack this kit? Add on the Circuit Stickers Sensors Pack and add interactivity based on touch, sound, light, or a trigger. We can't wait to see what you do with Circuit Stickers, and we've never seen anything like them before!

Ready to light up your Circuit Stickers project with even more shine? Throw in a White LED Pack and you'll be ready to dim the lights.

Twinkling, blinking LED projects are at your fingertips with the help of this cool Effects Pack. Add this to your Circuit Stickers Starter Kit for some flashy EFX!

The Circuit Stickers Starter Kit includes a guidebook, LED stickers, copper tape, batteries, and the inspiration you need to get going. This kit is all-inclusive and makes a great surprise gift!

Add interactivity to your Circuit Stickers project with this Sensors Pack. Activate your project with these sensors:, trigger, light, and sound. 

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