Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Now twice as useless! The new SOLDERLESS Useless Machine is here.

New in the Shed!
The Solderless Useless Machine
Equally useless, now with no soldering
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The Useless Machine lives to turn itself off. You turn it on, and it turns itself off, you turn it on again, and it turns itself off again. Why on earth would you want one? Because it's so darn entertaining!

And now we can offer an even-more-useless machine, the Solderless Useless Machine. While you might actually improve your soldering skills with the Classic Useless Machine, the new Solderless Useless Machine requires almost no skill at all!

This kit is fun to have around and makes a perfectly useless gift for anyone with a sense of humor.

Soldering Useless Machine

Oh did you actually want to use a skill like soldering? Well fine, take this slightly less useless machine.

Solderless Useless Machine

If you would like to show no skill whatsoever, this completely useless machine is for you.

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