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Weekend Workshop: Lockpicking Tools

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The term “lockpicking” probably conjures up images of international spies, cat burglars, or perhaps your affable local locksmith. But lockpicking is also known among makers as a fun hobby and a convenient skill to have (for when you lock yourself out of the house). With a little practice and the proper tools, you can easily gain a maker superpower – one that you will obviously only use for good.

Over the years, we've marveled at the popularity of the lockpicking workshops at Maker Faires and the enthusiasm people have for this fascinating form of analog security hacking. To meet the demand for great lockpicking learning sets and tools, Maker Shed now stocks some of the best picking tools and trainers on the market.

Lock Pick School In a Box

Our Lock Pick School in a Box provides the beginning pick set and trainer door lock needed to easily and enjoyably learn the art of lockpicking. The set includes five lock cylinders, the first of which has a single pin set in place. With each lock cylinder becoming progressively more difficult, the last lock contains a full number of pin sets. The kit also comes with an easy-to-follow instruction booklet.

Visible Cutaway Practice Lock w/Spool Pins

If seeing is believing, this Visible Cutaway Practice Lock w/Spool Pins will show you exactly what you're doing inside the lock and how you're defeating the lock mechanism. This type of lock has spool-shaped pins which makes it more challenging to defeat, so the see-through acrylic housing is a great aid to learning.

Practice Cuff

Anyone who's seen an action movie where a set of handcuffs gets picked (usually with a paper clip or bobby pin) has wondered if that's actually doable. With the Practice Cuff, you'll discover for yourself. Like the Visual Cutaway Lock, this real handcuff features a clear insert over the lock mechanism so you can see what you're doing. Harry Houdini will have little on you after mastering this cuff.

Beginners 12-Piece Lockpicking Blend Set

This sweet Beginners 12-Piece Lockpicking Blend Set by TOOOL (The Open Organization Of Lock-pickers) contains a carefully curated collection of indispensable picking tools. You get 2 hooks, 2 diamond picks, 2 rakes, 3 long-headed torsion tools, and 3 small-headed tools, in different thicknesses. Also comes in a plastic carrying case. Let no pin tumbler stand in thy way!

5-Piece Lockpicking Set

Our 5-Piece Lockpicking Set is a great way to get started in lockpicking and to acquire a starter set of picking tools for your toolbox. You get the Easy Pickings instruction booklet, hook, ball, and diamond picks, rake, and tension tools. The set also comes with a high-quality leather snap-over case to store your set in.

Jackknife Pocket Lockpick Set

If you want real carrying convenience for your picking tools, check out our Southord Jackknife Pocket Lockpick Set. This multi-tool-like set, housed in a jacknife design, includes 6 commonly-needed picks, all made of tempered stainless steel. The jacknife case includes a knurled locking screw on the hard alloy handle.

TOOOL Emergency Lock Pick Card

The TOOOL Emergency Lock Pick Card is a fully-functional lockpicking set housed on a punch-out metal card. Keep this set in your wallet, alongside your credit cards, and you're always ready for a lock-out emergency. The card is cleverly laid out with a short hook, gonzo hook, half snowman, half diamond, a snake rake, a long rimple, and 5 different torsion wrenches. That's 10 tools in all!

Remember to check your local laws regarding the possession of lockpicks.

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